What We Do

Help Now, Inc. provides temporary safe shelter for survivors of domestic abuse facing imminent danger. Help Now is committed to supporting individuals as they establish violence free living. Our shelter exists in an undisclosed location, and all visitors, residents, and staff must sign and uphold a confidentiality statement preventing them from disclosing the location of the shelter. Help Now will neither confirm nor deny whether any person is residing at our shelter.

Help Now Domestic Abuse Advocates provide quality domestic abuse advocacy to shelter clients and their children, as well as to individuals whom call the Domestic Abuse Crisis Line. The goal of the advocate is to empower survivors to become comfortable with making decisions that are right for them.

If you are living in a domestic abuse situation, and fear imminent danger, our shelter is available to you. Call our hotline at 407-847-8562 to speak with an advocate about this service.

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Safety Planning

A Safety Plan should be made with
the help of a domestic abuse counselor or advocate. An advocate may be reached 24 hours a day @ 407-847-8562.

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Red Flags

Do not allow anyone to control your life or be abusive to you in ANY way. Violence in a relationship is never acceptable at any time. It is a DEAL BREAKER.

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information about our Expect Respect program, and how to bring Teen Dating Violence Awareness to your school!

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