24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE: (407) 847-8562 / (407) 846-2472 TTY 24-HOUR CRISIS TEXTLINE: (321) 306-0677
(407) 847-8562 / (407) 846-2472 TTY
(407) 847-8562 / (407) 846-2472 TTY

Our Help Now advocates may be reached 24 hours a day by calling 407-847-8562.

Adult Outreach Advocacy Services

Our Outreach Services provide victim survivors the support needed to break the cycle of abuse and live a violent-free life.

We understand that victim survivors of domestic abuse are often times stripped of their self-worth. They may feel isolated and fear further abuse with no way out. The risk of losing their home and financial support for themselves and their children most often prevents them from seeking help. 

We do not encourage the victim survivor to stay or leave their partner. We do offer information  and options with regards to a victim’s rights and support whatever decisions they make. The Outreach Advocacy Center provides emotional and psychological support by offering counseling in both group and individual settings. We also provide information and referrals to other groups and agencies within the area.

Other services available through our Outreach Advocacy Center are: 

  • Court Advocacy
  • Legal Representation for Injunction Hearings
  • Child Welfare System Advocacy
  • Service Management
  • Safety Planning
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Community Education and Awareness

Children's Outreach Services

The Help Now Children’s Program is designed to create a supportive environment for children from violence-filled homes. It is our goal to provide positive experiences for children that they may develop self-confidence, social and emotional awareness, as well as an understanding of ways that encourage children to feel safe and the skills for personal safety. Our program is designed for individual counseling and case management.

Appointments are made on an individual basis. During these one-on-one sessions, children have time to share their personal experiences through play. The program also offers weekly group sessions. These focus on individual and community issues as well as developing social skills through playgroups, games, stories and creative experiences.

If you are in need of Outreach Services, please contact us at 407-847-3286.