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For information on checking out one of the following resources, contact info@helpnowshelter.org or (407)-847-3286.

Violence Against Women (4 Vol) Edited by Stark & Buzawa
        ○ Vol #1 Victimization & Community Response
                ‣ Explores ways legislation, community programs and services, and public attitudes impact victims, offenders and the community

      ○ Vol #2 The Family Context
                ‣ Domestic violence in families, highlighting how children are affected and harmed

      ○ Vol #3 Criminal Justice and the Law
                ‣ Examines background, current status and potential for change in the criminal justice system

       ○ Vol #4 The Media & Cultural Attitudes
                ‣ Maps the cultural terrain in which we hope to make inroads and suggests ways to move forward in a more positive way

From the Ground Up, Organizing Rural Communities by Praxis International
    ‣ Presents strategies for organizing rural communities

Building Powerful Community Organizations by M.J. Brown
    ‣ A guide to creating groups that can problem solve and bring about change

Trauma Stewardship by Lysky & Buck
    ‣ An everyday guide for self-care for those working with victims of domestic violence

Compassion Fatigue by C.R. Figley, PhD
    ‣ A guide to coping with secondary traumatic stress disorder in those that treat the traumatized

Tongue Fu by Sam Harn
    ‣ How to deflect, disarm, and defuse any verbal conflict or confrontation

Assessing Dangerousness by J.C. Campbell, PhD
    ‣ Updated book on the many factors of determining risks through Risk Assessments

Hard Lives, Mean Streets by Jasinky, Wesley, Wright, & Mustaine
    ‣ What homeless women face and the special needs to be addressed when dealing with domestic violence

Rural Woman Battering and the Justice System by Neil Websdale
    ‣ Presents a thorough and arresting look at the experiences of battered women in the rural communities’ criminal justice systems

Battered Women in the Courtroom by James Ptacek
    ‣ Probes for the first time the ways in which judges respond to women who are seeking legal help through the courts

Black’s Law Dictionary by Bryan A. Garner and Henry Campbell Black
    ‣ Definitions of terms and phrases of American and English judicial system

Violence Against Women by: Claire Renzetti
    ‣ Address the issues of laws, prevention, enforcement, treatment & health issues concerning domestic violence victims

The Myth of Male Power by W. Farrell, PhD
    ‣ Why men are the disposable sex and debunking the myths about men

Who Stole Feminism? by Christine Hoff-Sommers
    ‣ A scathing indictment of the feminist establishment and its myths

Why Does He Do That? by Lindy Bancroft
    ‣ A look inside the minds of angry men

Coercive Control - How Men Entrap Women by Evan Stark
    ‣Ways men entrap women in everyday situations and how it happens

Funny - He Does Not Look Like a Murderer by Shirley P. Bostrom
    ‣ A mother’s painful story about the danger of intimate partner homicide

If I Am Missing or Dead by Janine Latus
    ‣ A sister’s story of love, murder and liberation

Always My Fault - A Survivor’s Story by Jim Woodring
    ‣ A true story of Natalie, a woman so blinded by love that she was unable to listen to anyone

How Good Do We Have To Be? by H.S. Kushner
    ‣ A new way of understanding quilt and forgiveness

Hurt, Healing and Happy Again by Martin Webber
    ‣ True stories about surviving

Self Matters by Phillip McGraw, PhD
    ‣ Guide to finding your true self, the person you were before life took its toll

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie
    ‣ A year of healing meditations geared to helping you to move forward, set boundaries and goals

Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer
    ‣ Thought provoking book for those that have chosen to be on their own life path

Crazy Busy by Edward M. Hallowell, MD
    ‣Strategies for handling your fast-paced life

Worry Free Living by Minirth, Meier & Servis
    ‣A learning guide to uncover anxiety and eliminate it

The Control Trap; a Woman’s Guide To Freedom From the need to Control Others by Barbara Sullivan
    ‣A guide to letting go of the need to control people and circumstances in your life

We Can Work It Out by M.B. Rosenberg, PhD
    ‣ Resolving conflicts peacefully and powerfully

What’s Making You Angry? by S. Klein & N. Gibson
    ‣ Ten steps to transforming anger into creating win, win situations

Getting Past the Pain Between Us by M.B. Rosenberg, PhD
    ‣ Healing and reconciliation without compromise

Making Our Lives Our Own by Marilyn Mason, PhD
    ‣A woman’s guide to the six challenges of personal change