Red Flags


              Are you at Risk?

Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse


  1. A push for  a quick relationship
  2. Jealous and possessive behavior
  3. Tries to control your life
  4. Unrealistic expectations
  5. Isolates you from friends and family
  6. Blames others for his/her problems and mistakes
  7. Makes everyone else responsible for his/her feelings
  8. Says his/her feelings are easily hurt
  9. Cruel to animals and children
  10. “Playful” use of force during sex
  11. Yells and calls you names
  12. Rigid gender roles
  13. Sudden mood swings
  14. History of battering
  15. Threats of violence

If you’ve experienced any one of these signs please call the Domestic Abuse Hotline and talk with an advocate 407-847-8562.


Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event

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